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    2. ABOUT US

      Founded in 1990, REMCO has come a long way since it’s early days. Our history has built us into the in depth and highly specialized service team that we are today. Employing over 800 people in it’s different departments, REMCO staff members are experts in electrical systems, engineering, air conditioning, plumbing and fire safety works. Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Phone : +971 4 2862444 ?Fax : +971 4 2859849 ?Email : remco@emirates.net.ae ?Web Mail Login?


      MANAGEMENT We asure you of quality service

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      The Importance Of People

      At REMCO we understand that a high quality staff means a high quality experience for our clients. As such, our management team has been picked with the utmost care. Our senior managers are responsible for driving our business and ensuring all our specialist staff work together co-operatively to achieve excellent project results. These senior managers are experienced in the electro mechanical industry and have been chosen for their ability https://slotsups.com/ rting headphones to motivate, lead, ensure communication and see the bigger picture during projects. We have confidence in them to continue leading us into a bright future as an outstanding electro mechanical service company.

      Our Key Leader: Mr. Hassan Abdul Hamid Hassan Mahmoud

      An example of what we strive to be at REMCO, Mr Hassan has combined his years of experience with excellent communication skills and a visionary approach to get to where he is today. He has over 32 years of professional experience in the field of electro mechanical construction within the United Arab Emirates area. This experience includes his humble beginnings as a site engineer in 1975 right through to his placement on the board of directors of Electro-Mechanical in 1981. During his time on the board his responsibilities included relating to many consultants and owners within the electro mechanical field and he quickly established a reputation as a reliable and integral part of the industry. After many years of working with large companies like General Electric, Born Heat Transfer Co. and Trane etc. Mr. Hassan decided https://slotsups.com/ rting headphones to start offering an electro mechanical service that gave clients all the excellence of service he had embodied during his career. Thus REMCO was born when Mr. Hassan joined hands with the other partners and established our first department. We have continually grown since then and flourished under the management of Mr. Hassan and the many other skilled management leaders.

      Our Managed Departments:

      REMCO can be roughly thought of as containing the following departments, all of which are supported by both the managing partners, finance admin and senior staff members.