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    2. ABOUT US

      Founded in 1990, REMCO has come a long way since it’s early days. Our history has built us into the in depth and highly specialized service team that we are today. Employing over 800 people in it’s different departments, REMCO staff members are experts in electrical systems, engineering, air conditioning, plumbing and fire safety works. Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Phone : +971 4 2862444 ?Fax : +971 4 2859849 ?Email : remco@emirates.net.ae ?Web Mail Login?


      CAREERS Try us, we asure you of quality service.

      At REMCO we’re always on the lookout for top talent and skilled work people in slot up top ten reviews printers the electro mechanical field. If you have experience or qualifications relevant to our industry and feel you could offer value to our internal business or external clients, let us know today. We currently employee a wide variety of engineers, designers and service people. We’d love to welcome integral like-minded people into our organisation and include you slot up top ten reviews printers in our successful journey. Our team is very friendly and we strive to provide an excellent work environment that fosters happy and growing employees.